So let's try this Blog thing!


If you think about it, everything successful you have ever seen, had, or thought of getting requires commitment.

Now a days, a lot of folks are scared to commit. Like it is a bad thing? Like the less time or effort you have to commit the better?

Well, I guess, sometimes there could be somethings that you shouldn't commit to doing... smoking, eating 1,000 cupcakes, pushing all slow people out of the way, etc. But those are pretty obviously bad.

What about exercise? Getting smarter? Defending yourself, getting out of your comfort zone, being a better parent, etc? Those are all worthwhile things that committing to would have no adverse effects, right? No time limit on those?

I have been taking martial arts for over 26 years. I started when I was 13. If my parents were approached when signing me up to commit for 26 years instead of a "normal" period, they would have thought the Instructor was crazy lol! If they only would have signed me up for 1 class, I might never have achieved what I have so far. But now, I wouldn't trade that 26 years for a million dollars!

We are not gonna ask you to commit that long lol!

But I am committed to several long term and short term goals. Are you?

At and we are committed to teaching, mainly, effective Self-Defense and Fitness to adults and Focus, Control, Leadership and Life Skills to kids in the Forsyth, GA and Macon, GA areas.

What are YOU committed to?! :O)

- Sensei Brewster