Adult Green Belt Requirements

All Adult Green Belt OKS Requirements!

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Adult Green Belt :

* recommended equipment = Sparring Gear needs to be purchased before your 5th stripe from OKS

1st testing stripe requirements:

Standing Basics- Uraken (Jigotai Stance, Backfist)

Nekoashi Mae-Geri (Cat Stance, Front Snap Kick)

Double Punching (Niahanchi Stance)

2nd testing stripe requirements:

Moving Basics- Nekoashi Mae-Geri (Cat Stance, Front Snap Kick)

Nekoashi Gedan Shuto Barai (Cat Stance, Low Knife Hand Block)

Nekoashi Chudan Shuto Uke (Cat Stance, Middle Knife Hand Block)

Zenkutsu Morote Uke, Mijikaitsuki (Front Stance, Reinforced Middle Block-Snap


Keri, Soto Uke to Tsuki (Kick, Middle Block, Reverse Punch)

Bo - 3 Strikes (Same Shoulder, Opposite Shoulder, Back Side)

3rd testing stripe requirements:

Kata- Pinan Nidan

Kumite- One Step Kumite (Face Punch Attack- High Block and Sweep inside and outside, and Punch Block inside Defense)

4th testing stripe requirements:

Kata- Annanku

Kumite- Self-defense (Single Lapel Grab, 2 Person Arm Hold)

Perseverence- Squats (as many as you can do)

5th testing stripe requirements:

Kumite- You Punch, I Punch (Moving around with Sparring Gear on, Face Punch Attacks-High, Sweep, or Inside Punch Block)

Quadrant Drill-Steps 1-6

Dojo Customs and Etiquette (12 rules in a minute)

6th testing stripe requirements:


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Sensei Brewster
Sensei Brewster

Michael Brewster was born in a small town in Middle Georgia in 1980 and started Martial Arts at age 13. He was partially in charge of his parent’s poultry business by age 15, has a dual degree in Business and Early Childhood Education, got married and bought his first karate school at age 20, was a personal trainer for 8 years and has kept growing and succeeding as an entrepreneur ever since. He has taught 1000’s of students martial arts and spoke to 1000’s more at schools all over about Focus, Control, and almost any other personal quality you can think of. He enjoys reading, art, working out, movies and spending time with his family. He is available to be booked for speaking engagements on numerous topics. He can be reached at: (check out our Groups too!) (check out our Groups too!) (get a trial for an adult or a child at OKS!) (FREE videos! :O) (Tweet me!)

http://www.instagram/senseibrewster (pics!)

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